Summer Rates

Summer 5/15 to 9/15
Full Suite, Studio Suite & Quonset Hut Price quoted for 1 – 2 people, per night prices.
Two Bedroom Suites prices quoted for 1-4 people, per night.
30.00 for each additional person, plus11% tax.

SuiteNightsCost plus 11% taxCash Discount plus 11% taxMurphy BedAdditional Per Person
Full Suite1-2$199.00$194.00$25.00$30.00
Full Suite3-4$194.00$189.00$25.00$30.00
Full Suite5 or more$189.00$184.00$25.00$30.00
Studio Suite1-2$179.00$174.00$30.00
Studio Suite3-4$174.00$169.00$30.00
Studio Suite5 or more$169.00$164.00$30.00
Baywatch – Two Bedroom Suitesminimum 3 nights$325.00$325.00Maximum 4 people$30.00
Mt. Marathon – Two Bedroom Suitesminimum 3 nights$285.00$285.00Maximum 4 people$30.00
Rosehip – Two Bedroom Suitesminimum 3 nights$295.00$295.00Maximum 6 people$30.00
The Lodgeminimum 3 nights$825.00$010 people$30.00
Sunshine – Quonset Hut1-2$199.00$194.00$30.00
Sunshine – Quonset Hut3-4$194.00$189.00$30.00
Sunshine – Quonset Hut5 or more$189.00$184.00$30.00
Moonshine – Quonset Hut1-2$199.00$194.00$30.00
Moonshine – Quonset Hut3-4$194.00$189.00$30.00
Moonshine – Quonset Hut5 or more$189.00$184.00$30.00
Downtown Suites$325.00$325.00$30.00
Downtown Nook$199.00$199.00

Winter Rates

Winter 9/16 to 5/15
For 1-2 people, per night prices.
Call for winter rates if staying seven days or more.

SuiteNightsCost plus 11% taxAdditional Per Person
Full Suite1-2$95.00$15.00
Full Suite3-4$90.00$15.00
Full Suite5 or more$85.00$15.00
Studio Suite1-2$85.00$15.00
Studio Suite3-4$80.00$15.00
Studio Suite5 or more$75.00$15.00
Baywatch – Two Bedroom Suites1-6$199.00$15.00
Rosehip – Two Bedroom Suites1-2$115.00$15.00
Rosehip – Two Bedroom Suites3-4$105.00$15.00
Rosehip – Two Bedroom Suites5-6 $95.00$15.00
The Lodgeminimum 3 nights$550.00Up to 10 People
Sunshine – Quonset Hut1-2$95.00$15.00
Sunshine – Quonset Hut3-4$90.00$15.00
Sunshine – Quonset Hut5-6$85.00$15.00
Moonshine – Quonset Hut1-2$95.00$15.00
Moonshine – Quonset Hut3-4$90.00$15.00
Moonshine – Quonset Hut5-6$85.00$15.00
Downtown Suites$199.00$15.00
Downtown Nook$79.00

For cash discount, payment must be made with cash, personal check or travelers check. Discount rates are for guests booking directly with us. Remember if you do not book directly with us you maybe paying additional charges that, that other website may charge.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation prior one month before arrival will be charged $50.00 paper charge. During that time there is no charge for changes. One month prior to arrival there will be a 100% charge of the total cost of the reservation unless nights can be completely rebooked.

Additional Information
Check-in time 4:00pm We are happy to have you check in earlier if need be, it simply depends on when the prior person checked out. There is no pressure to check-in at any particular time. (Enjoy your ride to Seward, it is very beautiful!) If I am not here, for the full & studio suites check with the board on the front porch for your room location. Your name will be on your door to help you identify it. I will stop in and welcome you later. Or if staying anywhere else, go directly to your suite by following the directions on your confirmation. Check-in time 5:00pm for lodge.

Check-out time 11:00am for full and studio suites. Check-out time 10:00am for 2 & 1 bedroom suites & Lodge. Sorry this is not as flexible in the summer, but may be in the winter, just indicate your preference time and if it is possible we will work it out.

We do take VISA, MC & Discover during the summer season.

Discount tickets 20% off are offered for Kenai Fjord Tours & Major Marine Tours.