Guest Comments

Beautiful, fantastic, wonderful, great, tasteful, exquisite, ragged to rested, charming and artistic, perfect, relaxing, haven, positive energies!

Private Suite

“Beautiful place with fantastic views and the all the amenities! The Best!”

“More than I ever expected! Wonderful Place!”

“From our Point of View everything was great!! Thanks a bunch.”

“Very suite deal! Wonderful accommodations.”

“So Tastefully done.”

“Your local artwork is almost better than your hospitality!”

“Wonderful apartment, beautifully appointed with so many special niceties & conveniences, Thanks. A BIG bathroom & M & M’s Just too much!”

Studio Suite

“Exquisite room, you can tell you’ve put in a lot of love into it. Thank you for
everything. Don’t change anything, it’s perfect!”

“Great for body & spirit. We went from ragged to rested-thanks for welcome and such charming & artistic environment”
“Perfect, just perfect!” “Warm & Cozy-love your decorating-great change from

“We loved everything here! We know where to stay next time we’re in Seward.”

“Beautiful room, looking forward to staying here again, very relaxing!”

“What a blessing to have found you and your B & B! Thank you for freely pouring your warm personality into the essence of this room. You have created a lovely haven for nurturing souls. And thank you too, for making our dogs feel welcome. Blessed be”

“We are rested and relaxed after our stay. You’ve done a great job to make a warm respite from normal life.”

“Thank you for opening not only the room but your HOME to us. Everything is so very beautiful, so comfortable, so full of good, positive energies! We enjoyed our stay more than we can express.”